Painting with Oil and Cold Wax

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Painting with Oil and Cold Wax

Several months ago I decided to experiment with oil and Dorland’s Wax Medium.  At Nimrod Hall last summer, Diego Sanchez talked alot about ways to add texture and he mentioned cold wax but you have to use it with oil, not acrylic.  Well, I had bought a tub of this stuff awhile back but had never tried it.

So, I looked online for YouTube videos of other artists who used this.  It seems that cold wax is great for layering, since it dries really fast and many artists were using it to create beautiful abstract paintings.  Ruth Andre  and Serena Barton are two artists who paint with cold wax and have video demos. I love their work.  Here’s one by Ruth Andre.

The process of painting with cold wax is similar to the way I paint with oil and a palette knife, but you mix a small amount of the creamy wax with your color on your palette first.

palette dorlands wax






My first piece was an attempt at layering bands of color and scratching into the paint to see what effects I could get.


I am currently working on a more representational piece from a photo that I blurred in Photshop to help keep me painting looser.

oil and wax


  1. Patty
    March 14, 2015

    these are really lovely, Cindy. I took a class with Serena Barton last fall, loved the process.

    • Cindy
      March 14, 2015

      Thanks Patty! I am enjoying this and am hoping it will help me to paint more abstractly. Where did you take the class with Serena?


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