emerald isle beach

oil | 16×20 | sold

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  1. Stu Krieger
    May 5, 2015

    Dear Cindy,

    We were up last weekend with our friends who the painting is for and scouted what’s in their house. This will go beautifully with their other art and the best frame would be a simple half-inch, dark brown wooden frame.
    Please let us know the total cost of the painting, framing and shipping and I can get a check in the mail or do it by credit card, whatever’s best for you.
    Also, if you’ll be shipping it to them, can I send you a card by snail mail in the next week or so that you can then put in with the package before it ships? Let me know if that’s do-able and I’ll get on it.

    Everyone involved loves the painting and the fact that it has special meaning for us and them.
    Let me know what else you need from my end.


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